Zombie Ball - iPhone game

Zombie Ball is an iPhone action game by Hindarium which puts you in control of a giant metal ball, the latest invention from the crazy professor's garage, on a mission to rescue a small suburban neighborhood from clutches of zombie invasion. By squishing them all!

Tilt your device to control the ball movement and roll over waves of zombies before they break into your neighbors' houses and eat their brains.

When rolling over zombies just doesn’t cut it anymore use powerful gadgets from the professors lab. Unlock them by completing levels and take terror back to zombies!

Zombie Ball is now available on the App Store. Get it here.

Zombie Ball - Features

Get the game for free

"Zombie Ball" is a free version of the game with all the levels and game features of the "Zombie Ball Classic". Free version features in-game store where you can unlock the gadgets and skins you want using the supplies. Supplies can be aquired during gameplay, by squishing zombies, or via in-app purchases.

"Zombie Ball" is now available on the App Store for $0.00.

Zombie Ball Classic

You can get "Zombie Ball Classic" for $1.99 from the App Store.

4 stars based on 444 reviews (as of June 30 2015)


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NEW! Soundtrack!

Download the torrent of Zombie Ball soundtrack by Nenad Kajgana in m4a format. Download the zipped Zombie Ball soundtrack over HTTP.

Please consider downloading it as a torrent and letting it seed. Note: the soundtrack is still copyrighted and may be used solely for non-commercial personal listening. Contact Hindarium if you have other needs.


For Hindarium, Zombie Ball is not an information gathering machine. We don't want to analyze who you are: we just want you to have fun. However, Zombie Ball includes several online services. So here is our informally-written privacy policy.