Privacy Policy

Hindarium and its team members do not collect your private information through Zombie Ball.

However, Zombie Ball does include several services which may collect your information. Some of them may also present it to Hindarium in an aggregate, anonymized form. These statistics solely help us figure out what pieces of game people enjoy most.

And these stats also help us feel better when we see people are playing the game!

Please review privacy policies for the services Zombie Ball includes.

Since version 1.7.3, in the free version we download a small configuration file that specifies whether we display content from one of our partner services or not. This causes a log entry to be made in our web server's logs. This entry may include your IP address and your device type.

This information, however, is not subsequently even analyzed, much less given away or sold. The file is downloaded from a server Hindarium controls, and this small log entry is pretty much the only thing that is temporarily stored about your visit on any Hindarium controlled server.

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